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How to choose a travel bag.

One izglavnyh merits bags is their softness. When transporting the bags, such as a car, a soft bag can push at any angle or trunk interior, and fixed with a suitcase form to make this impossible. In addition, the bag can be transferred using the shoulder strap, with the bag well and conveniently adjacent to the body of the traveler. A separate type of bags - bags on wheels, combining the convenience of transportation and the variability of form - but please note that only forms the top of the bag, because the bottom is fixed to a rigid frame with wheels. Another important advantage of shopping bags - their small size and the ability to take to the cockpit. Just note and main shortcoming of any shopping bags - underclothes things they inevitably rumpled. But we do not as often require perfectly ironed tuxedo to visit the casino in Monte Carlo, right? And then, in a bag, you can just put nemnuschiesya things, and the rest is neatly packed in a suitcase.

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When buying bags need to decide what goals you are pursuing. If the goal is just to move things underclothes, razors and cologne from his apartment in a Turkish hotel, then buying an expensive bag is not necessary. If you want to stay in a luxury five-star hotel and look forward to the reverent attitude of the staff, it should be more expensive to buy a bag - the ministers of the cult of the hotel pay attention primarily on the customer's shoes and luggage accessories.